AAM AC filter Power Capacitor

。Environment temperature: -40 ~ +45℃
。Height: ≦1000m
。For bandpass filter, the deviation of actual and the rated capacitance are less than ±5%.
。For high-pass filter, the deviation of actual and the rated capacitance are less than ± 7.5%.

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BAM single and three phase Power Capacitor

。Rated voltage: 6.3kV, 6.6kV, 6.6/√3kV, 7.96kV, 10.5kV, 11kV, 11kV, 11/√3kV, please indicated in the order if you want the other special capacity.
。Rated capacity: 33~334kvar please indicated in the order if you want the other special capacity.
。Capacity tolerance: -5 ~ 15%.
。Loss angel tangential value: film & papaer medium tg θ≦0.08%,film medium tg θ≦0.05%.

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BAM three phases High voltage Power Capacitor

Altitude: less than 1000m; Ambient Temperature: -40℃ ~ +40℃。
No violent mechanical vibration, no harmful gas and vapor, no electric, and explosive, and explosive dust in location.
Continuous operation voltage: 1.00 Un, long-term max, Over voltage: less.1 Un.
Stable over-curent (including harmonics current) less 1.3 In.

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CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor

CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor

? the frequency of system
? rated current
? Rated reactance rates.
? rated capacity
? the style of installation(horizontal/ overstow)

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Box type BSMJ three phases Power Capacitor

。Rated voltage: 230VAC, 400VAC, 525VAC, 690VAC, 750VAC, 1050VAC, 1200VAC
。Rated output: 1-60 KVAR
。Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
。Capacitance Tolerance: -5% - +10%
。Tangent of the loss angle: With the power frequency rated voltage,

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Cylinder type CMKP Single phase low voltage Power Capacitor

。Rated voltage: 0.23kv, 0.4kv, 0.415kv, 0.45kv, 0.525kv and so on.
。Rated output: 1-30kvar.
。Capacitance tolerance: -5% - 10%.
。Tangent of the loss angle: smaller than 0.1%.
。Between terminals withstand voltage:2.15 times rated voltage for 5 seconds.

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Cylinder type CMKP three phases Power Capacitor

Use cylinder aluminium tin sealed.
Use microcrystalline wax and healthy dielectric oil as the impregnant.
It has built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistor.
Use dielectric metallized plypropylene film as medium.

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split phase compensation power capacitor

With the development of reactive compensation technology, as for three-phase unbalanced load, 
to conduct the split phase compensation of the reactive power by applying the way of respective three-phase switching of capacitor, 
so as to improve the accuracy of the compensation and optimize electricity-saving result. 
In order to do so, our company has developed split phase compensation shunt capacitor.

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Box type BSMJ single phase Power Capacitor

Small volume, light weight and convenient installation
No oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection
Low loss, little radiation and low temperature rise
Excellent self-healing performance

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