With cutting-edge technology, these Full Film High Voltage AC Filter Power Capacitors enable efficient energy transmission, reduced line losses, and increased grid reliability.

Pole-Mounted Capacitor Bank

Comprehensive pole-mounted capacitor bank solutions can be tailored to meet customer application needs. This customized bank package offers overall system improvements such as improved power factor, system capacity release, loss reduction, voltage stability, improved power flow and cost savings.

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Open Air Capacitor Banks

Comprehensive pole-mounted capacitor bank solutions can be tailored to meet customer application needs.

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ZCS Single Phase Capacitor Switch

The Zhiyue’s new generation ZCS capacitor switch is a special electrical field design on vacuum interrupter and switch body insulation for switching capacitive current.

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Features of high voltage AC filter power capacitors:

Function: The main function of high-voltage AC filter power capacitors is to improve power quality by reducing or eliminating unwanted harmonics and noise in AC signals. It helps maintain a stable and clean power supply.

Applications: These capacitors are typically used in power systems where filtering of harmonic distortion caused by non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFDs), rectifiers, and other power electronics is required. They are commonly found in utility substations, industrial power systems and large commercial buildings.

Construction: High voltage AC filter power capacitors are designed to handle high voltage and current levels. They are manufactured with specialized dielectric materials and a robust electrode design to ensure reliable performance under harsh conditions. Construction may vary depending on specific manufacturer and application requirements.

Voltage and Capacitance Rating: These capacitors have high voltage ratings, typically ranging from a few kilovolts (kV) to hundreds of kilovolts (kV). The capacitance value of the capacitor depends on the specific application and the level of filtering required.

It should be noted that the specific design, specification and application of high voltage AC filter power capacitors may vary according to the requirements of the power system and the manufacturer's recommendations.

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