The Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Load Switch is eliable power distribution in indoor settings.Designed to meet stringent safety standards, it provides a compact design.

FKN12A-12D air-blast load break switch

。Ambient temperature-25℃-+40℃
。Elevation,,,; 1000m
。Humidity: daily average humidity.;;95%, monthly.;;90%
。The earthquake does not exceed degree 8
。No fire, explosion, chemical errosion.

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FN7-12DR Model indoor AC HV Load Switch

FN7-12DR Model indoor AC HV Load Switch is suitable in 50Hz,rated voltage of 12Kv the three-phase AC power system 
as the breaking load short-circuit current of the power and used the Closing,
until the combination of electrical short -circuit current can be breaking any current 
can be used as protection purposes .

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FZN25 FZRN25 vacuum load switch

。The ambient temperature: -25°C-+40°C, alpine region, ;;.-40°C;
。The altitude:≤1000M;
。Relative humidity: daily average value is not greater than 95%, monthly average is not 9reater than 90%;
。Earthquake intensity:≤ 8 degree;

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Indoor high voltage load switch is an electrical device used to interrupt and isolate high voltage circuits. It is typically installed in switchgear or substations and is designed to handle high voltage levels, typically in the range of 11kV to 36kV.

Some of the key features and features of indoor high voltage load break switches include:

COMPACT DESIGN: The switch has a compact and space-saving design, which can be easily installed in narrow indoor spaces.
High voltage rating: Load break switches are designed to handle high voltage levels, typically in the range of 11kV to 36kV.
Load breaking capacity: It has the ability to interrupt and break the load current flowing through the circuit to ensure the safety of maintenance and repair operations.
Fault Current Interruption: Switches are capable of interrupting fault currents such as short circuits to protect electrical systems and equipment.
Manual or Electrically Operated: Load break switches can be manually or electrically operated, depending on the application and requirements.
Reliable performance: Load break switches are designed to provide reliable performance and long service life even under severe operating conditions.

A load break switch safely interrupts the flow of electricity in an electrical circuit, allowing maintenance or repair work to be performed on downstream equipment without affecting the rest of the electrical system. It is commonly used in power distribution systems, industrial plants and commercial buildings.

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