This High-performance Switch-Over Capacitor Composite Switch,which outperforming the CJ19 mode,offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

CJ19 Switch-Over Capacitor Contactor

。The contactor has install current –limited resistor, can restrain the switch on inrush current .
。The contactor is direct-acting and double-break structure, operation flexible, conveniently manual operation inspect.
。The contactor connection terminal has insulating boot , very safe.
。The contactor can be install by screw, also can install in the bus bar.

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ZUFK intelligent Combination switch

ZUFK Switch-Over Capacitor Contactor
General Description:
ZHIYUE brand of ZUFK series intelligent combination switch has two type switch,

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ZUKCS dissolve switch

。Voltage across zero put on , current across zero cut off , no harmonic current, do not appear over voltage.
。Lower power dissipation after power on , do not need add air-cooling fin.
。Do not produce harmonic  , do not need series connecting reactor .
。Put in signal isolated with switching optical , high EMC protection , good capacity of resisting disturbance.
。Can match with our dynamic compensation controller.

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A switched capacitor contactor is a device used in electrical systems to switch between two capacitors.

Capacitors are electronic components that store electrical energy and release it when needed. They are commonly used in various applications such as power factor correction, motor starting and filtering.

In some cases, multiple capacitors are used in the system to meet specific requirements. For example, in power factor correction, multiple capacitors can be connected in parallel to compensate for reactive power in the electrical system.

Switched capacitor contactors allow automatic switching between different capacitors according to system requirements. It usually consists of a mechanical switching mechanism (such as a relay or contactor) and a control circuit that monitors the power factor or other parameters of the system.

A switched capacitor contactor can be programmed to switch capacitors based on a predefined set of conditions. For example, it can switch to higher or lower capacitance capacitors depending on the power factor or voltage level of the system.

By using switched capacitor contactors, a system can optimize its power factor correction or other capacitor-related functions, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

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