The Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker is with its advanced vacuum technology, it ensures swift and safe interruption of electrical currents, preventing damage .

ZW7-40.5 outdoor HV vacuum circuit breaker

? Installation way: foundation installation;
? Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and electromagnetic operating mechanism;
? Pole material: rubber silicone, ceramic;
? Application: outdoor 33kV substation, power plant.
? Current transformer: internal installation, external installation.

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ZW8-12/C intelligent outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker

is applied for breaking, on Or off of load current in AC three-phase power system of rated 10-12kV with 50/60Hz, 
it owns functions of overload and short protection, fast breaking protection, time lapse delay and automatic reclosing ,
it can also be equipped with arrester Or disconnecting (circuit breaker and disconnecting switch combination, 
hereinafter called combination intelligent circuit breakers) according to customer' s requirement.

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ZW20Z-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

for a period of 12 KV, rated voltage of the three-phase ac 50 HZ outdoor power distribution system. 
It uses a vacuum arcing and SF6 gas as insulating medium, 
is ZW20-12 type vacuum circuit breaker of the improvement of products. 
Cabinet adopted the introduction of Japanese Toshiba VSP5 gas seal technology, explosion-proof, insulating structure

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ZW32-12 Permanent magnetic outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

? Ambient temperature: -35°C ~ +45°C;
? Altitude: ≤1000m;
? Wind speed ≤ 35m/s;
? Earthquake intensity: ≤8 level;
? Filthy level: IV;

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ZW32-24 outdoor HV vacuum circuit breaker

? Installation way: pole mounted;
? Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and permanent magnetic operating mechanism;
? Pole type: integrated pole;
? Application: outdoor 24kV substation, power plant.
? Operation type: manual, electric, remote control.

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An outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a circuit breaker designed to operate in an outdoor environment and handle high voltage electrical systems. It uses a vacuum interrupter as the primary switching mechanism to interrupt the electrical current.

A vacuum interrupter consists of two contacts enclosed in a vacuum chamber. When the circuit breaker is closed, the contacts touch each other, allowing current to flow. When it is time to open the circuit breaker, a mechanism is activated to separate the contacts, creating a vacuum arc that extinguishes the current flow.

Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable operation in outdoor installations. It is commonly used in power transmission and distribution systems and can handle high voltages up to hundreds of kilovolts.

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