Resin-Encapsulated Dry Type High Voltage Transformer's dry type design minimizes maintenance needs while maximizing safety.

SC(B)9 resin insulated distribution transformers

。Voltage class: 6-35KV
。Model of voltage regulation: Off-excitation or on-load tap changer
。Tapping range: 5%, 2x2.5%,
。Power Capacity: 10-4000kVA
。Frequency: 50Hz or 60HZ

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Dry type resin insulated SC(B)10 distribution transformers

Altitude: ≤1, 000m
Highest ambient temperature: +40℃
Highest annual average temperature: +20℃
Highest monthly average temperature: +30℃
Lowest temperature: -25℃

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SC(B)11 High Voltage Transformer

6. Phase No.: Single phase or three phase
7. Vector Group: Yyn0 or Dyn11
8. Impedance voltage: 4~8%
9. Service condition: 100% relative humidity, ambient temperature not more than 40oC or according to customers' requirements
10. Type of cooling: AN or AF

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A dry-type high voltage transformer is an electrical device used to step up or step down voltage in high voltage applications. It is designed without liquid or oil insulation, making it suitable for indoor installations where flammability or environmental concerns exist.

Main functions of dry-type high-voltage transformers:

Transmitting electrical energy between different voltage levels in a high voltage system. It steps up or down the voltage level according to the turns ratio of the transformer, enabling efficient power transmission and distribution.


Application range of dry-type high-voltage transformers:

Dry-type high voltage transformers are commonly used in a variety of applications including power distribution systems, industrial facilities, renewable energy installations and commercial buildings. They are suitable for indoor installations where the presence of flammable liquids or environmental concerns limit the use of oil filled transformers.


Advantages of dry-type high-voltage transformers:

Dry-type high-voltage transformers have several advantages over oil-immersed transformers. They are self-cooling or air-cooled and require no cooling oil or external cooling systems. They are also more resistant to fire and require less maintenance. In addition, dry-type transformers have a longer service life and can operate in a wider range of ambient temperatures.

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