The Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch is for safely isolating high voltage electrical circuits within indoor environments. Engineered it ensures seamless operations during maintenance, repairs.

GN19-12 indoor high voltage disconnect switch

1. The altitude: under1000M;
2. The ambient temperature: -25°C-+40°C;
3. The relative humidity of air monthly≤90%, daily≤95%;
4. The wind pressu re:≤7000PA(with speed 34m/s);
5. Ampitude: Earthquake degree 8;

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GN27-40.5 indoor high voltage disconnect switch

1. Altitude:≤1000m;
2. 2. Ambient temperature: -25°C~+40 °C;
3. Relative humidity: daily average≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;
4. Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree;
5. Applicable occasions should free from inflammables, explosives Corrosives and severe vibration

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GN30-12M rotary indoor high voltage disconnect switch

GN30-12M series rotary indoor high voltage disconnect switch is a new type of touch rotating knife type disconnect switch,
the main structure in three phase chassis of the upper and lower two plat, 
fixed two set of insulato rand contact, by rotatirlg contactor,realize the divide and combine the switch.

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The main function of an indoor high voltage isolating switch is to provide a visible and reliable method of isolating electrical equipment or parts of a circuit from the power supply. It safely maintains, repairs or inspects electrical systems without the risk of electric shock or equipment damage.

Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch Operation: Disconnect switches are usually manually operated using a handle or lever. When a switch is in the closed position, it allows current to flow through a circuit or device. When the switch is open or in the off position, it breaks the electrical connection, isolating the circuit or device from the power source.

Application: Indoor high voltage disconnectors are commonly used in distribution systems, substations, switchgear and other high voltage applications. They provide a means of isolating transformers, circuit breakers, busbars, and other equipment for maintenance or repair work.

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