The CW1 Universal Circuit Breaker is with tripping mechanism,ensures prompt and reliable circuit interruption,safeguarding equipment against overloads and short circuits.

ZUW1 drawout type air circuit breakers

2.1 Temperature condition:  -5°C~40°C;the average value within 24h shall not exceed+35°C(special situation  excluded);
2.2 Altitude:≤2000m;
2.3 Pollution grade:  Grade 3;
2.4 Air conditions:

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ZUW1 fixed type air circuit breakers

At mounting site, relative humidity not exceed 50% at the max temperature of +40°C, 
higher relative humidity is allowable under lower temperature,
RH could be 90% at +20°C, special measures  should be taken to occurrence of dews;
The products conform with IEC60947-1,IEC60947-2 standards.

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General purpose circuit breaker is a circuit breaker designed to provide protection and control for a wide variety of electrical systems and applications. It is versatile and available in various voltage classes and rated currents.

The main function of a general purpose circuit breaker is to protect circuits and equipment from overloads, short circuits and other electrical faults. In the event of a fault, the circuit breaker trips and opens the circuit, interrupting the flow of electricity to prevent damage to equipment and minimize the risk of electrical hazards.

Trip characteristics: General purpose circuit breakers have different trip characteristics to suit specific applications. These characteristics determine how quickly a circuit breaker responds to different types of faults. The common tripping characteristics are instantaneous type, short delay type and long delay type.

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