A low voltage power capacitor is a capacitor designed to operate at lower voltage levels. It is used in various electrical and electronic systems to store and release electrical energy.
Single-Phase Square Capacitors

Single-Phase Square Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Optimize Energy, Enhance Efficiency, Create a Green Future

To meet the electrical energy demands of modern industries and businesses, we proudly introduce Power Factor Correction Capacitors that adhere to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60831.

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Three-Phase Phase Square Capacitors

Three-Phase Phase Square Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors are suitable for low-voltage power systems with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. They are primarily used to improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss, enhance grid quality, and maximize transformer capacity, among other benefits.

Rated Voltage: 230V, 400V, 450V, 480V, 525V, 690V, 750V, 1200V, other custom voltages available;

Rated Capacity: 1kvar to 60kvar for 0.4~0.69kV, other custom capacities available;

Rated Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz;

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Single-Phase Cylindrical Capacitors

Single-Phase Cylindrical Capacitors

1.Rated Voltage Level (kV): 0.23, 0.25, 0.4, 0.45, 0.48, 0.525;

2.Rated Capacity (kvar): 1~50;

1~10kvar: Single-ended terminal;

12.5~30kvar: Screw terminal;

35~50kvar: Delta terminal(<400V);Screw terminal(>400V)

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Three-Phase Cylindrical Capacitors

Three-Phase Cylindrical Capacitors

Capacitance Deviation (uF): -5% to +10%;

Loss Tangent (tanφ): <0.1% (at Un, 50Hz, 20℃);

Inter-Pole Withstand Voltage: 2.15Un for 5s, without permanent breakdown or flashover;

Pole-Shell Withstand Voltage: 2Un + 2kV (or 3kV if below 3kV) for 10s, without breakdown or flashover;

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Box type BSMJ three phases Power Capacitor

。Rated voltage: 230VAC, 400VAC, 525VAC, 690VAC, 750VAC, 1050VAC, 1200VAC
。Rated output: 1-60 KVAR
。Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
。Capacitance Tolerance: -5% - +10%
。Tangent of the loss angle: With the power frequency rated voltage,

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Cylinder type CMKP Single phase low voltage Power Capacitor

。Rated voltage: 0.23kv, 0.4kv, 0.415kv, 0.45kv, 0.525kv and so on.
。Rated output: 1-30kvar.
。Capacitance tolerance: -5% - 10%.
。Tangent of the loss angle: smaller than 0.1%.
。Between terminals withstand voltage:2.15 times rated voltage for 5 seconds.

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Cylinder type CMKP three phases Power Capacitor

Use cylinder aluminium tin sealed.
Use microcrystalline wax and healthy dielectric oil as the impregnant.
It has built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistor.
Use dielectric metallized plypropylene film as medium.

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split phase compensation power capacitor

With the development of reactive compensation technology, as for three-phase unbalanced load, 
to conduct the split phase compensation of the reactive power by applying the way of respective three-phase switching of capacitor, 
so as to improve the accuracy of the compensation and optimize electricity-saving result. 
In order to do so, our company has developed split phase compensation shunt capacitor.

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Box type BSMJ single phase Power Capacitor

Small volume, light weight and convenient installation
No oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection
Low loss, little radiation and low temperature rise
Excellent self-healing performance

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Low voltage power capacitors are typically used in applications with relatively low voltage levels, such as power supplies, motor control circuits, and electronics. They are designed to handle lower voltage levels, typically ranging from a few volts to hundreds of volts.

These capacitors have different capacitance values, which determine the amount of electrical energy they can store. Capacitance, measured in farads (F) or microfarads (μF), determines the amount of charge a capacitor can hold.

Low voltage power capacitors are typically made using materials such as aluminum electrolytic or tantalum electrolytic, which provide high capacitance values in a compact size. They are designed with low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and high ripple current capability, which allows them to efficiently handle the power requirements of the system.

In addition to storing electrical energy, low voltage power capacitors help filter out noise and stabilize voltage levels in electronic circuits. They smooth out voltage fluctuations and provide stable power to sensitive electronic components.

Overall, low voltage power capacitors play a vital role in various electrical and electronic systems by providing reliable energy storage and voltage stabilization capabilities.

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