Dry Iron Core Reactors and Air Core Reactors. These advanced components effectively limit current levels, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding your equipment.
APF Active Filter

APF Active Filter

The active filter detects the load current in real time through the external current transformer CT, and calculates it through the internal DSP to extract the harmonic components of the load current, and then sends it to the internal IGBT through the PWM signal to control the inverter to generate a harmonic with the load.

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SVG Static Var Generator

SVG Static Var Generator

The static var generator (ZYSVG) detects the load current in real time through an external current transformer (CT), analyzes the reactive power content of the load current through internal DSP calculations, and then controls the PWM signal generator to send a control signal according to the set value.

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CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor

CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor

? the frequency of system
? rated current
? Rated reactance rates.
? rated capacity
? the style of installation(horizontal/ overstow)

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CKSG low voltage series connected reactor

1.Can use in 400V and 660V system.
2.Reactance ratio: 1%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 13%, 14% and so on.
3.Rated insulation level: 3KV/min.
4.The temperature rise limited value of the reactor each part: the iron core can not exceed 85K, and the coil can not exceed 95K.
5.The reactor noise can not exceed 50dB.

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XD1 current-limiting reactor

1.Rated current, capacity and surge-limiting times of mated capacitor.
2.Power frequency testing voltage: AC 50Hz, voltage 3Kv, no break-down or flash for 1min.
3.Temperature: Housing<=65K, Coil<=65K.

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The dry-type iron core reactor adopts a dry-type hollow structure. The iron core is made of silicon steel sheet, and the iron core column is uniformly made of multiple air gaps. The air gap is filled with epoxy glass cloth to ensure that the air gap does not change during long-term operation.
The dry-type reactor has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, reasonable layout, and convenient installation. It is an ideal equipment for indoor capacitance compensation structures and cabinet-type devices. It has no electromagnetic pollution, no oil pollution, and has good performance. non-flammable.
It has the characteristics of excellent thermal performance, good insulation, high mechanical strength, good dynamic and thermal stability, and no cracking.

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