Intelligent Low Voltage Monitoring Capacitors is not only enhance power efficiency but also offer real-time monitoring capabilities.
ZCS Three Phase Capacitor Switch

ZCS Three Phase Capacitor Switch

T to T* -----Terminal to terminal creepage

T to G/E* -----Terminal to ground/earth creepage

This figure does not include lower expanding bushing

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Intelligent low-voltage power capacitor is a device used to improve power factor and efficiency of power system. It is designed to run on low voltage, usually less than 1000 volts.

The intelligence of a capacitor comes from its ability to automatically adjust its capacitance based on the power factor of the system. Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electricity is used in a system. A low power factor indicates that the system is not using the available power efficiently.

Smart low voltage power capacitors continuously monitor the power factor of the system and adjust their capacitance accordingly. Doing so helps to improve the power factor and reduce the reactive power in the system. This improves power quality, reduces energy losses and increases efficiency.

In addition to intelligent functions, low-voltage power capacitors also have the characteristics of overvoltage protection, self-healing, and low loss. It is usually installed in parallel with the load and is used in various applications such as industrial plants, commercial buildings and power distribution systems.

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