Intelligent reactive auto compensation controller is used for measurement and control of power factor control units for central ac reactive power compensation.
APFC Manual

APFC Reactive Controller

This series of controller is suitable for the automatic adjustment device of capacitor compensation device in low-voltage distribution system,with high-performance microprocessor as the core device,sampling physical quantity for power factor and reactive power in two optional modes,fundamental wave sampling against high harmonics of the grid,so that the power factor of the grid is stable in the range specified by the user,which can be widely applied to different grid conditions.

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JKW15 Intelligent Reactive Compensation Controller

。Rated voltage: AC 220V/380V
。Protection grade of shell: IP30
。Power: Max 8W
。Contact capacity: Dynamic state DC 12V/50 Ma (Static state AC220V/7A) each branch
。Sensitivity: 50mA

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JKW18 intelligent low voltage reactive auto compensation controller

。Equipment Protection Class: Double Insulation- Class II
。Wire Section (For Terminal Block):2.5mm2
。Terminal Block Protection Class: IP 00
。Protection Class: IP 20
。Connections: Socket terminal with screw

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JKL5CF Intelligent Reactive Compensation Controller

Rated current: AC 0-5 A
Current input impedance: <= 0.02 Ohm
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Rated voltage: AC 220V/380V
Protection grade of shell: IP30

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Main functions of intelligent reactive power compensation controller:

Monitors the power factor of the electrical system and automatically adjusts reactive power compensation devices such as capacitors or reactors to maintain the desired power factor level. It continuously analyzes the reactive power demand of the system and adjusts the compensation equipment accordingly.

Power Factor Correction: Inductive loads such as motors and transformers require reactive power and can result in low power factor. Low power factor can lead to increased energy losses, reduced system efficiency, and additional charges from utility providers. The intelligent reactive power compensation controller improves the power factor by dynamically adjusting the reactive power compensation device.

Advantages: There are several advantages to using a smart var compensation controller, including improved power factor, reduced energy loss, improved system efficiency, and potential cost savings. By optimizing reactive power compensation, these controllers help ensure reliable operation of electrical systems and reduce stress on distribution networks.

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