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ZHIYUE GROUP CO.LTD  is a factory who mainly produce power capacitor, intelligent reactive compensation controller, vacuum circuit breaker , high and low voltage power transformer, high and low voltage reactive compensation device, harmonic solving device. It is a company which integrate research, produce, trade , service as a unit.

Establish in 1991,the factory building of the company covers an area of 6800 square meters, There are more than 100 workers now, 32 engineers, 10 senior engineers among them , more than 300 professional and technical personnel. The company is divided into five branch companies and ten selling branch office , and our selling agent is all over China, and our product is sold to many countries such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh and so on, gain many trust from the customers.





product description

ZUKCS dissolve switch

ZUKCS dissolve switch supplier_ZUKCS dissolve switch

ZHIYUE brand of ZUKCS series reactive dynamic compensation regulator is an electronic type power device module that can be used for fast input-cutting for power shunt capacitor. Its electric structure is mainly composed of high- power inverse parallel thyristor module , Isolating circuit ,trigger circuit , sync circuit , protection circuit and drive circuit . it is equipped with the connecting terminals through control switch on and off , to control logical voltage OV(off) and 12V (on). The switch has the characteristics of simple installation , convenient maintenance , quick response speed , no rush current for input-cut , no noise during working , running reliably and stabbly and with phase lack protection etc. it is the ideal device for input –cut capacitor groups used for reactive power dynamic compensation device .

Function Characteristics:

1.Voltage across zero put on , current across zero cut off , no harmonic current, do not appear over voltage.

2.Lower power dissipation after power on , do not need add air-cooling fin.

3.Do not produce harmonic  , do not need series connecting reactor .

4.Put in signal isolated with switching optical , high EMC protection , good capacity of resisting disturbance.

5.Can match with our dynamic compensation controller.

6.Built-in power, no need add outside power.

7.Switch operation state has two type, put on and cut off. Has indicator for phase not together and delay.

8.Have strong compositive protection capacity, include system input voltage phase not together protection , power voltage phase not together protection, undervoltage protection, power off protection , and so on .

Working condition:

1.Amibent air temperature :-25℃ to +50℃, the average temperature should not exceed +30℃ in 24h.
2.The relative humidity can reach 100% in short time at +25℃.
3.Altitude should not exceed 2000m.
4.The installation site should be with clean air, without explosive , flammable and dangerous articles and without the gas which may damage insulation and erode metals at a sufficient quantity , no conductive dust and rain and snow exist .
5.No obvious overrun harmonic wave company.


JKW15 Intelligent Reactive Compensation Controller

ZUKCS dissolve switch supplier_Reactive Compensation Controller

JKW series intelligent low voltage reactive auto compensation controller (abbr. Controller) is the special device for compensating reactive power for low voltage distribution system. Its sampling physical quantity is reactive power,with various specifications of 1 — 16 step dynamic output(JKWD15, JKWD2C) and static output(JKW15S JKW2C.. JKW1 BFs JKWIBJx JKW3B, JKW2B) etc, as well as with characteristics of novel design, multifunction, fine control performance and high reliability etc. It is at the leading position among similar products in domestic market and supplies a brand new device for distribution automation. This series product showing type face “ ” when power on denotes the program version of product.


1.Real time displays network state: including reactive power, power factor, secondary current, primary current and system voltage etc.
2.Automatically recognize the polarity of sampling signal, to avoid non-polarity connection.
3.With power down memory function by setting parameter. Data will not lose after power down.
4.With over voltage and under voltage protection functions.
5.With input and reset delay can be adjusted separately, with applicable capacity for electric network.
6.Re-inputting locking time can be set to ensure the capacitor with enough discharge time before inputting.
7.Whole digital of all kinds of parameters is adjustable, can be widely used in different electric network.
8.With strong anti-interference capacity, can directly resist the interfering impulse with total amplitude value of 2000V from periphery.

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