Surge Protection Capacitor Unit


Internally fused capacitor units are capacitors that have built-in fuse protection to prevent catastrophic failure in the event of a short circuit or overload.

。Voltage level: 6~35kV

。Capacity level: 0.1 to 0.5μF

。Capacitance deviation: -3 ~ +10%

。Dielectric loss tangent value: ≤0.03%e

Detailed introduction

Internally fused capacitor units are capacitors that have built-in fuse protection to prevent catastrophic failure in the event of a short circuit or overload. The fuse is integrated within the capacitor unit and designed to disconnect the capacitor from the circuit in case of fault, thus protecting the rest of the system from damage This feature adds an extra layer of safety and reliability to capacitor unit.

Electrical surges are common occurrences on power systems.

Surges come from a variety of sources including lightning strikes,switching surges, equipment failures, etc. These surges can be damaging to sensitive equipment such as transformers, generators, motors, reactors and other equipment with insulated windings.

While there are various techniques used to reduce or eliminate the impact of surges on these devices, surge capacitors provide a cost-effective and versatile solution. Surge capacitors work by absorbing the energy from electrical surges, providing protection to the equipment. 



Surge Protection Capacitor Unit Technical data:

1.Voltage level: 6~35kV

2.Capacity level: 0.1 to 0.5μF

3.Capacitance deviation: -3 ~ +10%

4.Dielectric loss tangent value: ≤0.03%e


Surge Protection Capacitor Unit Benefits

Surge capacitors are engineered to provide the following benefits:

• Compact construction—for easy implementation in tight  enclosures such as metal-enclosed capacitor banks, motor control centers and switchgear.

• Single-phase design—allows for customized packaging and ease of installation and maintenance

• Proven manufacturing techniques—all surge capacitors are produced in Zhiyue’s ISO-certified,facility following established design and assembly techniques.

• Universal mounting options—designed to allow for standard vertical, horizontal or inverted mounting.

• Dual-rated frequencies—allow for use on either 50 or 60 Hz systems.


Surge Protection Capacitor Unit Applications

Surge capacitors protect electrical equipment in a variety of applications:

• Indoor and outdoor applications

• Enclosed or open-air configurations

• Motor/Generator/Drive protection

• Switchgear protection

• Reactor protection


Surge Protection Capacitor Unit Features

• Stainless steel tank—constructed from Type 409 SS assures superior corrosion resistance, allowing for application in the harshest of environments.

• Bushing at terminal caps and tank cover assure leak-free hermetic seal without the need for a gasket.

• Dielectric fluid—PCB-free, environmentally friendly dielectric fluid results in reduced losses.

• Laser cut foil—grants superior Discharge Inception Voltage characteristics under all operating conditions, allowing for reduced size, lower fluid content and lighter weight designs.

• Extended-foil construction—assures exceptionally uniform current distribution throughout packs, resulting in outstanding transient performance.

• Mechanical crimp connector—assures unequaled energyhandling characteristics under high-fault current installations without risking tank rupture.



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