What is an Oil Type High Voltage Transformer

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Oil type high voltage transformers are widely used in electrical power systems for stepping up or stepping down voltage levels. These transformers use mineral oil as both an insulating and cooling medium. Here are the key characteristics and features of oil type high voltage transformers:

Characteristics of Oil Type High Voltage Transformer

1. High insulation performance
Mineral oil is used as the insulating medium to effectively improve the insulation strength of the transformer and prevent electrical breakdown.
2. Good cooling effect
The transformer oil absorbs the heat generated inside and dissipates it through the radiator or cooling system to ensure that the transformer operates within a safe temperature range.
3. Long service life
The oil protects the internal components from moisture and contamination, thereby extending the service life of the transformer.
4. Strong high-voltage handling capability
It is capable of handling high voltages from 110 kV to several hundred kV, making it an ideal choice for power transmission and distribution systems.
5. Multiple protection devices
It is usually equipped with a Brinell relay, pressure relief device, and temperature sensor to detect and mitigate potential faults.

Functions of Oil Type High Voltage Transformer

1. Voltage conversion:
The main function is to convert voltage levels, including step-up and step-down, to meet different power needs.
2. Power transmission:
Ensure the efficient and safe transmission of electrical energy from power plants to end users within the transmission and distribution network.
3. Load management:
Adjust the output voltage through automatic or manual tap switches to meet different load conditions, ensuring sufficient power under different demand conditions.
4. Protection function:
Equipped with protection devices such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and temperature protection to protect the transformer and the connected electrical system.


In short, Oil Type High Voltage Transformer play a vital role in modern power systems. They ensure efficient power transmission and provide reliable power supply through excellent insulation and cooling performance.

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