Overview of high-voltage load switches, functions, precautions, environmental conditions, and application areas

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what is high high-voltage load switch?

A High Voltage Load Switch is a device used to control the flow of electricity in high voltage circuits It is typically used to turn on or off the power supply to a load, such as a motor, transformer, or other electrical equipment. High Voltage Load Switches are designed to handle high voltage levels and are often used in industrial and utility applications. They provide a safe and reliable way to control the flow of electricity in high-voltage systems.

FKN12A-12D air-blast load break switch

The role of high voltage load switch

1. It can cut off the power supply and has obvious disconnection points. It is mostly used in fixed high-voltage devices;
2. It has arc extinguishing equipment and a certain opening and closing rate, and can pass the normal operating current and the specified short-circuit circuit when closing;
3. It is forbidden to connect or cut off the circuit under load. It is often used in series with high-voltage fuses.


High voltage load switch operation precautions

1. Before operating the high-voltage load switch, it is necessary to confirm the switch position and status to avoid danger caused by misoperation.
2. The operation should be carried out by the operating procedures, and parts should not be disassembled or replaced at will.
3. There is a high voltage inside the switch. Touching it will cause electric shock and even death.
4. During operation, professional safety protective equipment should be worn to avoid accidents such as electric shock and burns caused by direct contact with the switch.
5. When operating a high-voltage load switch, the surrounding personnel and electrical equipment should be kept away from the switch, and the surroundings of the switch should be strictly controlled.


Environmental conditions for high voltage load switches

1. Altitude must be ≤2000 meters
2. Ambient temperature: minus 25 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius
3. Relative humidity: daily average value should be less than 95%, monthly average value should be less than 90%
4. Place without conductive dust, corrosive gas, and water vapor
5. A place free of fire, explosion, and other safety hazards
6. Places without frequent severe vibrations.


Application areas of high-voltage load switches

It is suitable for the control and protection of transformers, cables, overhead lines, and other power equipment in three-phase power distribution systems of 12kV and below; it is especially suitable for terminal substations and box-type substations of urban and rural power grids. It is suitable for the control and protection of the ring network and double radiation power supply unit.

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