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Operating specifications of power capacitors

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1. The exposed conductive part of the high-voltage capacitor bank should be covered by a mesh. When performing external inspection, it is forbidden to open the cover of the capacitor bank in operation.

2. For capacitors of any rated voltage, it is forbidden to turn on the charge. Re-close after each disconnection, it must be done after three minutes of short-circuit (that is, a little time after discharge).

3. Replace the capacitor fuse with the capacitor when there is no voltage. Therefore, the capacitor should be discharged before proceeding.

4. The repair work of the capacitor bank should be carried out during all power failures. Disconnect the power supply and discharge the capacitor to ground before working. The high voltage capacitor should be based on the work ticket, and the low voltage capacitor can be ordered according to the verbal or telephone. However, a written record should be made.

Operating specifications of power capacitors

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