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ZHIYUE GROUP CO.LTD is a factory who mainly produce power capacitor, intelligent reactive compensation controller, vacuum circuit breaker , high and low voltage power transformer, high and low voltage reactive compensation device, harmonic solving device. It is a company which integrate research, produce, trade , service as a unit.

Establish in 1991,the factory building of the company covers an area of 6800 square meters, There are more than 100 workers now, 32 engineers, 10 senior engineers among them , more than 300 professional and technical personnel. The company is divided into five branch companies and ten selling branch office , and our selling agent is all over China, and our product is sold to many countries such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh and so on, gain many trust from the customers.





Product Description

CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor

Dry-type iron-core reactor supplier_Dry-type iron-core reactor

General Description:

1.CKSC Dry-type iron-core reactor uses the contracture of dry-type air-core. The iron-core uses silicon steel, iron-core columns are made by the number of air gap evenly. Air gap uses epoxy glass cloth board as a filler, to ensure that the gap does not change in the long-running.

2.Dry-Core Reactor has the quality of simple structure, small size, light weight, reasonable layout, easy installation, and is the ideal equipment used in capacitance compensation framework indoors and cabinet device without electromagnetic pollution, without oil pollution, just with good flame retardant.

3.It has the quality of excellent thermal performance, good insulation, high mechanical strength, good dynamic and thermal stability, without cracking occurrence.

4.The tap between core columns and Insulation cylinder is fixed by epoxide-resin glue and is tensioned by Pull screw pole to make the coil and iron-core combined into one, to strengthen insulation strength of the core and coil, which greatly reduced the running noise of the reactor.

5.Coil and core, core and ground are added special insulation components, to ensure the electrical insulation distance.

6.The use of special computer software assisted optimization design, accurate inductance value, and the temperature rise to leave a reasonable margin to ensure that the reactor core temperature less than 75K, coil temperature rise not more than 65K, at the same time to ensure the dry-core reactor1.35 times the rated power frequency current long-term run.

Working condition:

  1. Application Environment: Outdoors, indoors
  2. The temperature of environment: -40°C-+45°C(according to the demand of user)
  3. The latitude: (According to the demand of user)
  4. The place of installation and running: Without severe vibration, can endure the 8 earthquake
  5. The place of installation: without Harmful gases, stream, the Conductive and explosive ass
  6. Maintain ventilation used indoors
  7. The maximum wind speed: not more than
  8. The compare moisture: no more than 90% of month average and no more than 95% of the daily average.


CKSG low voltage series connected reactor

Dry-type iron-core reactor supplier_low voltage series connected reactor

This series low voltage series connected reactor is used in low voltage reactive compensation device, and series connected with capacitor, when the low voltage power net have a great quantity of harmonic source such as rectifying and defector, which produce high harmonic will seriously damage the main transformer, and other electrical device. The reactor series connected with capacitor will restrain the harmonic blow up effectively, improve the voltage wave form and system’s power factor, and restraint switch on inrush current and operation over voltage, protect the capacitor effectively.


The reactor is divided into three-phase and single-phase two types, both are iron core, dry type.

1.Core is using imported quality low loss cold oriented silicon steel, the core columns from the air gap is divided into a number of uniform tomato, Gap used epoxy layer plate glass cloth for the interval to ensure the reactor gap in the course of operation does not change.

2.H-coil, C-flat copper wire around the system, with close and uniform, with a very good sense of beauty there is a better thermal performance.

3.The reactor core and coil assembled, into to one after a predrying Varnish thermal vacuum drying curing this process, the -varnish so that the reactor’s core coil jail due to the combination has not only significantly reduce the noise operation, very high levels of heat, to ensure that the Reactor high temperature can safely noise-free operation.

4.Reactor core-part fastener uses no magnetic material to ensure that the reactor is of a higher quality factor and low temperature, the better to ensure that the filter effect.

5.The exposed parts are taken by the anti-corrosion treatment, leads to terminals using brass terminal.

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