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Difference between vacuum contactor and vacuum circuit breaker

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Vacuum contactor It is a device that can withstand repeated operations (strong mechanical life), and can also cut off the load current, but can not play the role of breaking short-circuit current (to remember this point). The vacuum contactor has both normally open and normally closed contacts and does not have short-circuit current protection to perform separate and hold actions when a given signal is received.

The vacuum contactor can cut off the load current, can operate frequently (start and stop the motor), can frequently turn on and off the large current, etc., in these aspects, the capacity is relatively strong and the rated operating voltage is relatively high, if it is at high voltage Environmental recommendations are used in conjunction with high voltage vacuum circuit breakers to make them safer and more secure.

Vacuum circuit breaker It belongs to a kind of protection device (short circuit, overload, etc.). When a fault occurs in the working circuit, it can automatically complete the line protection through the opening and closing action, and can also be opened by manual operation. The load current is cut off.

Vacuum circuit breakers can be used for overload protection, short circuit protection, control protection, and interlock protection, so they are stronger and different in these respects than vacuum contactors. The SF6 vacuum circuit breaker is commonly used in the high voltage field and is generally used in high voltage circuits above 110kV.

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