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ZHIYUE GROUP CO.LTD is a factory who mainly produce power capacitor, intelligent reactive compensation controller, vacuum circuit breaker , high and low voltage power transformer, high and low voltage reactive compensation device, harmonic solving device. It is a company which integrate research, produce, trade , service as a unit.

Establish in 1991,the factory building of the company covers an area of 6800 square meters, There are more than 100 workers now, 32 engineers, 10 senior engineers among them , more than 300 professional and technical personnel. The company is divided into five branch companies and ten selling branch office , and our selling agent is all over China, and our product is sold to many countries such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh and so on, gain many trust from the customers.

We are group member of power capacitor professional committee of china Institute of Electrical Engineering Technology. We also participate in discussing and draw up the standard of country and industry.




product description

           Box type BSMJ three phases Power Capacitor

Capacitor manufacturer_three phases Power Capacitor

General Description:

ZHIYUE brand of self-healing type low voltage capacitor made of the advanced metalized film, is produced strictly in accordance with the Nation Standard and IEC standard by the introduced advanced foreign techniques and equipment. The device is suitable for low voltage power network to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss and better the voltage quality.


1.Small volume, light weight and convenient installation
2.No oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection
3.Low loss, little radiation and low temperature rise
4.Excellent self-healing performance

Working condition:

1.Altitude: lower than 2000m
2.Ambient temperature: -25~50℃degree
3.Humidity: smaller than 85%
4.After the power cut off, reputing when make sure the remain voltage is smaller than 10% of the rated voltage, usually this time is 200s, so the controller you use should has the function of time delay for reputing after cut off.

Capacitor manufacturer_three phases Power Capacitor drawing


Cylinder type CMKP Single phase low voltage Power Capacitor

Capacitor manufacturer_Single phase low voltage Power Capacitor

General Description:

CMKP series low voltage capacitor of the self-healing type round capacitor is use for correcting the power factor of 50Hz and 60Hz low voltage power system device. It is suit for compensation on the spot and concentrate auto compensation, can reduce reactive loss, improve voltage quality, is a energy conservation product.
The product is according to IEC831-1/2.

Working Condition:

1.Alitude: lower than 2000m
2.Ambient temperature -25℃ -  50℃
3.Humidity: smaller than 90%
4.After the power cut off, reputing when make sure the remain voltage is smaller than 10% of the rated voltage, usually this thime is 200s, so the controller you use should has the function of time delay for reputing after cut off.

Structure Characteristics:

1.Use cylinder aluminium tin sealed.
2.Use microcrystalline wax and healthy dielectric oil as the impregnant.
3.It has built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistor.
4.Use dielectric metallized plypropylene film as medium.
5.In the top of the capacitor is electric shock resistant protection connecting terminal.
6.In the bottom is M12 or M16 earth ground screw.
7.All the three phase capacitor is triangle connection inside.

Main technical characteristics:

1.Rated voltage: 0.23kv, 0.4kv, 0.415kv, 0.45kv, 0.525kv and so on.
2.Rated output: 1-30kvar.
3.Capacitance tolerance: -5% - 10%.
4.Tangent of the loss angle: smaller than 0.1%.
5.Between terminals withstand voltage:2.15 times rated voltage for 5 seconds.
6.Dielectric level: add voltage between terminal and case: 2times of rated voltage add 2KV or 3KV, choose the higher one, it takes 10s, no spark over or flash.
7.Max permissible over-current: when 1.1 times rated voltage, it can not exceed 8 hours per day; when 1.15 times rated voltage, it can not exceed 30 minutes per day, when 1.2times voltage, can not exceed 5 minutes per day, 1.3times rated voltage, can not exceed 1 minutes per day.
8.Max permissible over-current: 1.3times of rated current, but consider to the voltage, capacitance tolerance and harmonic, the transient current can not exceed 1.43 times of rated current.
9.Discharge feature: it has built-in discharge resistor, discharge 3 minutes, the voltage will down to below 50V after the capacitor cut off the power.
10.According to the IEC60831-2002 standard.

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