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ZHIYUE GROUP CO.LTD  is a factory who mainly produce power capacitor, intelligent reactive compensation controller, vacuum circuit breaker , high and low voltage power transformer, high and low voltage reactive compensation device, harmonic solving device. It is a company which integrate research, produce, trade , service as a unit.

Establish in 1991,the factory building of the company covers an area of 6800 square meters, There are more than 100 workers now, 32 engineers, 10 senior engineers among them , more than 300 professional and technical personnel. The company is divided into five branch companies and ten selling branch office , and our selling agent is all over China, and our product is sold to many countries such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh and so on, gain many trust from the customers.

The company has been persisting in taking “offer the most perfect solution for power network compensation”.  As the theory, constantly uses new technologies to put out the new products, wines the approval and trust from the masses of users. The company has past ISO9000 international quality system authentication and obtainer the achievement gold service, the provincial medium and small-scale sincere enterprise , city star enterprise and outstanding credit enterprise, and it has been appraised as  “AAA”  Class credit standing for 9 years in succession. “ZHIYUE” Trade mark has been chosen as the famous –brand trademark at first among capacitor trade in 2003 and we also past the CE certificate from the Europe , and TSE from Turkey.





product description

CJ19 Switch-Over Capacitor Contactor

Capacitor Contactor Vendor_Capacitor Contactor

ZHIYUE brand of CJ16(19) Switch-over capacitor contactor is new type of components for electric  appliances,which is developed and produced on the basis of the introduced foreign technology of the same kind , The device is widely applied to the low voltage reactive power compensation screen to replace the subassembly composed of three Xd1 current-limiting reactors and a CJ10 cotnactor, and it is also can be used in the general control circuit to limit flashy flow.


1.The contactor has install current –limited resistor, can restrain the switch on inrush current .
2.The contactor is direct-acting and double-break structure, operation flexible, conveniently manual operation inspect.
3. The contactor connection terminal has insulating boot , very safe.
4. The contactor can be install by screw, also can install in the bus bar.

Working condition:

1. The altitude of installation place can not exceed 2000mm
2. Air temperature around can not exceed 40℃, not lower than -5℃.
3. Humidity: 50% at 40℃.,90% at 20℃.
4. Install condition: can not incline 5℃ to vertical plane.
5. Class of pollution :3 degree
6. No impact and shake.

Main technical data:

Conventional thermal current (A)        
Rated current(A) AC-6b A        
Controlled capacitor kvar       230V-250V
Capability to restrain surge        
Coil   Working voltage Us 50Hz V    
    Operating range    
    Consumed power VA    
Electrical endurance 104 times        
Mechanical life 104  times        
The max operation frequency times/h        
Insulation voltage (V)        
Auxiliary contact Convention thermal current (A)      
  Electrical endurance 104 times   AC-15  
  The smallest load to connect      
Current-limited resistor input time (ms)        


ZUFK intelligent Combination switch

Capacitor Contactor Vendor_intelligent Combination switch

Function Characteristics:

1.Voltage across zero put on , current across zero cut off , no harmonic current, do not appear over voltage.
2.Lower power dissipation after power on , do not need add air-cooling fin.
3.Do not produce harmonic  , do not need series connecting reactor .
4.Put in signal isolated with switching optical , high EMC protection , good capacity of resisting disturbance.
5.Can match with our dynamic compensation controller.
6.Built-in power, no need add outside power .
7.Switch operation state has two type, put on and cut off. Has indicator for phase not together and delay .
8.Have strong compositive protection capacity, include system input voltage phase not together protection , power voltage phase
not together protection, undervoltage protection, power off protection , and so on .

Working condition:

1. Working temperature :-25℃-55℃ keeping and transfer temperature -40℃-85℃.
2. Relative Humidity :5%-95%, no condensation , atmospheric pressure:80kpa-110kpa
3. Altitude below 2000mm, earthquake intensity  :<8 degree.


1.For the splitting compensation switch , the capacitor capacity means three pcs single phase capacitors’ capacity together.
2.Splitting compensation switch has two control method: one adopt the controller use common positive pole port output . the other use common negative port output . if use our reactive power compensation controller , we adopt common positive pole port output .
3.Combination thermal current choose : usually the capacity smaller than 20kvar ,use 60A,21kvar -30kvar use 80A,31-40kvar use 100A. 

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