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ZHIYUE GROUP won the well-known Chinese trademark

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August 16, refers to the month held by the group "refers to the month ZHIYUE + pattern" trademark was identified as well-known trademarks in China, a national "gold standard", will be in the international and domestic access to the relevant legal protection.
 The company is a collection of scientific research design, production and operation as one of the Industrial Group, the company leading products are power capacitors, reactive power automatic compensator, filter complete sets of equipment, contactors, high and low voltage capacitor compensation device, Its products sold at home and abroad, including power capacitors won the gold medal of China Science and Technology Award, China International Agricultural Expo brand name products.
 It is understood that refers to the month group held by the trademark in 1992 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office approved the registration, with the company in the enterprise scale has grown, operating performance steadily rising at the same time, the month to vigorously promote the brand strategy to strengthen the brand Shaping and upgrading, increase the protection of trademark intellectual property rights, refers to the monthly trademark is widely used and spread, with a high reputation and reputation. Refers to the use of the month of the trademark of the power capacitors, reactive power automatic compensator, capacitive contactor, high and low voltage capacitor compensation devices and other products with high quality, high performance, cost-effective and other advantages and reputation, sales coverage of the country 30 Provinces and municipalities and municipalities.

China's well-known trademark is a national "gold standard", on behalf of the brand has a strong market competitiveness, and consumers, operators widely recognized and trusted, more importantly, the trademark will be in the international and domestic Related legal protection. Refers to the month of this award, will help the Group in the global market operations to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, establish a brand image.

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