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From Zhejiang to the country "Zhiyue Group" promotion of non-regional enterprises

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Recently, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Zhejiang refers to the Electric Co., Ltd. upgraded to no regional group, changed to "refers to the month group limited company." This is the month to adapt to the rapid development of business, the implementation of Zhejiang-oriented implementation of the company's business strategy for the change.
The predecessor of the month is founded in 1991 in Zhejiang, the monthly Electric Co., Ltd., since its inception, always adhere to the "quality first, users first" business philosophy, has now developed into a power capacitor, reactive power automatic compensation Equipment, filter complete sets of equipment, contactors, high and low voltage capacitor compensation device for the leading products, scientific research, production and sales in one of the cross-regional private enterprise groups. The company has been awarded the Chinese science and technology achievements of the gold medal, Yueqing brand name products and so on. At present, the month in the country already has five professional companies, 26 offices and more than 12 sales companies; total assets of enterprises has reached 120 million yuan, is expected this year output value, sales were more than 160 million yuan.
It is reported that the month group will be upgraded to the regional business group as an opportunity to consolidate China's power capacitors, reactive power automatic compensator, filter equipment leading enterprises status, built internationally renowned electrical enterprises for the goal, and strive to business groups Do fine, stronger, bigger.

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