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Zhiyue Group participated in the drafting of industry and national standards

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Refers to the group in the "power grid reactive power compensation, harmonic control to provide the most complete solution" concept, has been scientific and technological innovation, efficient operation and strict quality control as a major part of enterprise development. The company has fully meet the market demand for product design and development capabilities and advanced production equipment, testing equipment and superb production technology. At the same time, the monthly group has been in the establishment and improvement of their own business team has made a lot of investment. In 2008 have participated in the industry and the drafting of national standards.

The standard list is as follows:
 Self - healing shunt capacitors for ac power systems with nominal voltages up to and including 1 kV - Part 1: General - Performance, test and quorum - Safety requirements - Installation and operation -
 ② GB / T 3667-1997 "Nominal voltage above 1kV AC power system with parallel capacitors Part 1: General"
 ③ GB7251.5-2008 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 5: the public power grid power distribution complete sets of equipment special requirements"
 ④ GB / T15576-2008 "low voltage complete sets of reactive power compensation device"
 ⑤ "AC motor capacitors Part 2: Motor starter capacitors"
 ⑥ "high voltage power filter device"
 ⑦ "low-voltage fixed closed switchgear and control equipment"
 ⑧ "Electrical safety of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 1: Safety requirements for complete sets of equipment"
 ⑨ "low-voltage withdrawable sets of switchgear and control equipment"
 ⑩JB / T9663-200x "low voltage reactive power automatic compensation controller"

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