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What is a reactor?

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It is also called an inductor in the industry. When a conductor is energized, it will cause a magnetic field in a certain space occupied by it. Therefore, all the electrical conductors capable of carrying current will have a general sense. Inductive performance.

However, in this case, the inductance of the energized long straight conductor will be relatively small, so that the generated magnetic field will not be so strong, so the reactor in practical use is a wire surrounded by a solenoid. The structural form, which can be called a hollow reactor. At the same time, there are some special use requirements in order to make the solenoid have strong inductance performance, and the structure is formed by inserting the iron core into the tube, and this type can be called a core reactor.

In general, the reactance can be divided into capacitive reactance and inductive reactance. If we refer to these terms as professional, then the inductive sensors, that is, the inductors and the capacitors (capacitors) are collectively called Reactor.

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