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Main features of reactive power compensation controller

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Control signal: comprehensive control by using two physical quantities of power factor and reactive current;

The number of roads is universal: the number of roads to be cut is selected by the user;

Data saving: setting parameters will not be lost after power failure, and data will be saved permanently;

Adaptability: The controller automatically adapts to the distribution system with different parameters, without the need to provide current transformer ratio and compensation capacitor capacity;

Overvoltage protection: When the grid voltage exceeds the overvoltage setting value, the capacitor that has been input is quickly cut off step by step;

Strong anti-interference: unique design, there will be no crash, chaotic or chaotic phenomenon during operation;

Switching shock: It can prevent repeated switching of small current load and overvoltage threshold;

High sensitivity: the compensator can work normally when the input signal current is 0.10A;

Display error: When the input signal current changes from 0.10A to 5A, the measured power factor error is extremely small;

Current identification: The controller can determine the polarity of the sampling current and automatically convert it.

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