Product Description

ZW8-12/C Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW8-12/C intelligent outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker(hereinafter called intelligent breaker) is applied for breaking, on Or off of load current in AC three-phase power system of rated 10-12kV with 50/60Hz, it owns functions of overload and short protection, fast breaking protection, time lapse delay and automatic reclosing , it can also be equipped with arrester Or disconnecting (circuit breaker and disconnecting switch combination, hereinafter called combination intelligent circuit breakers) according to customer' s requirement. This intelligent breaker owns power supply itself, available for remote control ,interfaces of CT, PT are for remote control, can meet the requirements of remote control.

Technical Specifications

No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated insulation level 1min PF
withstand voltage
Dry 42
Wet 34
Lightening impulse withstand voltage(peak) 75
3 Rated cu rrent A 400 630
4 Rated short Circuit breaking current kA 20 16 12.5
5 Rated operating sequence   O-0.3C0-180S-CO
6 Rated short Circuit breaking times Times 30
7 Rated sho 内Circuit closing cu rrent( peak)   50
8 Rated peak withstand cu rrent kA 50
9 Rated short time withstand current 20,16,12.5
10 Duration of rated short Circuit breaking   4
11 Opening time (shunt trip) Max. operating voltage ms 15~50
12 Rated operating voltage 15~50
13 Min. operating voltage 30~60
14 Closing time 25~50
15 Total breaking time  ≤100
16 Arc time  ≤20
17 Mechanical life Times 10000
18 Closing frequency J 70
19 Energy storage motorra ted input power W  ≤220
20 Rated operating voltage and subsidiary loop rated voltage V AC/DC220 110, 24
21 AC/DC220 110, 24
22 Energy storage time underrated voltage S <8
23 Overcurrent release Rated current A 5
racy of release current
% ±10
24 Overcurrent adiust A 1~9
25 Quick break adjust ms 6~20
26 Delay time 80~500
27 Remote control distance m 30
28 The number of overlap ping
Times 1~3

Model Implication

Overall Dimensions