Product Description

ZN23-40.5 Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN23-40.5 series handcart type indoor vacuum circuit breaker for the high voltage rated 40.5kv, three-phase AC 50Hz Indoor high-voltage electrical equipment. Apply to industrial and mining e r1terp rises , substation and transmission and distribution systems for control and protection switching; particularly suitable for metallurgy, electric arc steel-making industries, etc. Frequent operation required, as a control and protection equipment.
ZN23-40.5 Series meet GB1984-89<AC HIGH VOLTAGE CTRCUTT BREAKER> Standards .

Model Implication


No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage kA 40.5
2 Thunder impulse withstand voltage(peak value) kA 185
3 lmin industrial freq u en cy withstand voltage kA 95
4 Rated frequency Hz 50
5 Rated current A 1250,1600,2000
6 Rated sho rt-c i rcuit break cu rrent kA 25 31.5
7 Rated short -circuit withstand cu rrer1t kA 25 31.5
8 Rated peak value withstand current kA 63 80
9 Rated sh ort -c i rcuit d u ra tion time s 4
10 Rated short Circuit breaki ng time ms 90
11 Rated sh ort Circu i t closing cu rrent kA 63,80
12 Rated operation order   0-0.3s-C0-180s-CO
13 Time of closing brake ms 50-85
14 Time of breaking brake ms 40-85
15 Rated short -circuit current bre ak and close times Times 20
16 Mechanical life-span Times 10000
17 Rated dropoutcu rre ntofcondenserbank A 630
18 Rated power of energy-storage electric machine W 275
19 Rated volt of energy- storage motor V AC/DC220,110
20 Storage time S <15
21 Closing and opening solenoid rated voltage V AC/220,110
22 Overcu rrent tripping device rated current A 5
23 Auxiliary switch rated voltage current A 10

Overall Dimensions