Product Description

GN30-12M Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

GN30-12M series rotary indoor high voltage disconnect switch is a new type of touch rotating knife type disconnect switch,the main structure in three phase chassis of the upper and lower two plat, fixed two set of insulato rand contact, by rotatirlg contacto r,realize the divide and combine the switch.

GN30-12M series switch is on the basis of GN30-12 switch increases with the form of earthing knife, can meet the needs of different power systems. This Product design is compact, small footprint, insulating ability is strong, easy to install, the performance meet GB198589 <AC High Voltage Isolating Switch and Earth Switc h>requi rements . Also, the switch applicable to rated voltage 10KV AC50HZ and the following indoor systems, as in the cases with voltage without load, for opening and closing current. It can be used with high voltage switch cabinet, and also can be used alone.


Item    Model GN30-12M/400-12.5 GN30-12M/630-20 GN30-12M/1000-31.5 GN30-12M/1250-31.5
GN30-12D/400-12.5 GN30-12D/630-20 GN30-12D/1000-31.5 GN30-12D/1250-31.5
Rated voltage(KV) 12
Rated current(A) 400 630 1000 1250
Rated short-time withstand current(kA) 12.5 20 31.5
Rated short-circuit durations(S) 4
Rated peak withstand current(KA) 31.5 50 80
Rated insulating level Lighting impluse withstand voltage(kV) Phase to phase/to earth: 75/across open contacts: 85
1 min PF withstand voltage(kv) Phase to phase/to earth: 42/across open contacts: 48

Model Implication

Overall Dimensions