Product Description

City Electricity Complementary Power Inverter 1000H

Products Features
1. Input & output fully insolated
2. High Surge: High surge current capability starts difficult loads such as TVs, camps, motors and other inductive loads
3. Soft start: Smooth start-up of the appliances.
4. Pure sine wave output waveform: Clean power for sensitive loads.
5. AC output identical to, and in some cases better than the power supplied by your utility
6. Cooling fan in the inverter is thermally activated and comes on when the inverters becomes warm, and turns off automatically after the inverter has cooled.
7. Low total harmonic distortion: Below 3%
8. Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state.
Protection Function
1. Low voltage alarm & Shutdown
2. Over-voltage protection
3. Overload protection
4. Over-temperature protection
5. Short circuit protection
6. Soft start
7. Auto. Reset after being in protected
8. Grounding protection


Model ZY-1000H
Input DC voltage 12V 24V  48V 110V
Voltage range 10-16VDC 20-33VDC 40-63VDC 90-130VDC
No load current draw <0.8 <0.4 <0.2 <0.1
Efficiency >90%
DC connection Cables With terminal
AC connection Power line with plug
Output AC voltage 100/110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
Continuous power 1000W
Surge power 2000W
Waveform Pure sine wave
Frequency 50HZ or 60HZ
AC regulation 0.03
The mains bypass output 100/110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
Protection Low voltage alarm 10.5DC±0.5V 21DC±1V 42VDC±1V 96VDC±3V
Low voltage shut down 10DC±0.5V 20DC±1V 40VDC±1V 90VDC±3V
Short circuit Shut off output automatically
Over load Shut off output
Over voltage shut down 16V±0.5V 33V±1V 63V±2V 130V±5V
Over thermal Shut off output automatically
Environment Working temperature Between -10℃ and +50℃
Working humidity 20%~90% RH
Storage temperature  Between -30℃ and +70℃
Package Machine size(mm) 345*165*85
Packing size(mm) 445*230*148
Net weight(kg) 3.9
Gross weight(kg) 4.5
Packing mode Carton packaging
Other Start Soft start
Cooling ways Intelligent cooling fan