Product Description

ZUKCS Switch-Over Capacitor Contactor

General Description:
ZHIYUE brand of ZUKCS series reactive dynamic compensation regulator is an electronic type power device module that can be used for fast input-cutting for power shunt capacitor. Its electric structure is mainly composed of high- power inverse parallel thyristor module , Isolating circuit ,trigger circuit , sync circuit , protection circuit and drive circuit . it is equipped with the connecting terminals through control switch on and off , to control logical voltage OV(off) and 12V (on). The switch has the characteristics of simple installation , convenient maintenance , quick response speed , no rush current for input-cut , no noise during working , running reliably and stabbly and with phase lack protection etc. it is the ideal device for input –cut capacitor groups used for reactive power dynamic compensation device .

Main technique data:
1.    Rated voltage 380V(220V)
2.    Frequency :50Hz
3.    Control capacity : 380V Grade :1kvar to 50kvar   220V Grade:1kvar to 15kvar.

Function Characteristics:
4.    Voltage across zero put on , current across zero cut off , no harmonic current, do not appear over voltage.
5.    Lower power dissipation after power on , do not need add air-cooling fin.
6.    Do not produce harmonic  , do not need series connecting reactor .
7.    Put in signal isolated with switching optical , high EMC protection , good capacity of resisting disturbance.
8.    Can match with our dynamic compensation controller.
9.    Built-in power, no need add outside power .
10.    Switch operation state has two type, put on and cut off. Has indicator for phase not together and delay .
11.    Have strong compositive protection capacity, include system input voltage phase not together protection , power voltage phase
not together protection, undervoltage protection, power off protection , and so on .

Working condition:
1. Amibent air temperature :-25℃ to +50℃, the average temperature should not exceed +30℃ in 24h.
2.The relative humidity can reach 100% in short time at +25℃.
3. Altitude should not exceed 2000m.
4. The installation site should be with clean air, without explosive , flammable and dangerous articles and without the gas which may damage insulation and erode metals at a sufficient quantity , no conductive dust and rain and snow exist .
5. No obvious overrun harmonic wave company.


Model  Can Control Capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.4-20 (1-20)Kvar three phase capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.4-30 (21-30)Kvar three phase capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.4-40 (31-40)Kvar three phase capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.4-50 (41-50)Kvar three phase capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.25-10 3X(1-10)Kvar split capacitor 
ZUKCS1A-0.25-15 3X(11-15)Kvar split capacitor