Product Description

ZUFK Switch-Over Capacitor Contactor

General Description:
ZHIYUE brand of ZUFK series intelligent combination switch has two type switch, splitting compensating and conglutinative compensating .The conglutinative compensating switch is use for putting on and cutting off the three phase capacitor, they adopt connecting; splitting compensating switch is use for putting on and cutting off single phase capacitor, it adopts Y type connecting .The combination switch shunt operating thyristor switch and maintaining magnetic switch , it has the function across zero cutting and putting of thyristor when putting on or cutting off, and it also has the strong point of zero power dissipation of maintaining magnetic switch when normal connecting. The combination switch has the characteristic of no impact , low power dissipation ,long lifespan , it can use for intending contactor or thyristor switch , is widely use in the low voltage reactive power compensation field .

Main technique data:
1.    Rated voltage 380V± 20%, lifepan :300 thousand times.
2.    Switch withstand voltage ≥ 2000V, switch power dissipation ≤ 2W.
3.    Switch pressure drop ≤ 0.05V, put and cut alternation : ≥ 30S.
4.    Insulation strength:2.5kv/1min arrowd harmonic ≤10%.
5.    Control circuit control storge battery 5-24VDC input current <10 MA.
6.    Electromagnetic compatibility measurement , lulse group IEC255-22-1 2 degree, Fadiaiton field IEC 60255-22-3 2 degree. Electrostatic discharge IEC255-22-2 3 degree. Fast transient IEC61000-4-4 3 degree.

Indicator indicating instruction
1.SWITCH ON and SWITCH OFF light only lighten one in the same time to indicate the switch working state .
2.PHASE LACK light means there are at least one phase is not together, conglutinative compensating type has the function of cutting off when phase lack.
3.Delay indicator on means after the switch has putting on controller signal ,  the PUTTING ON indicator light, but if not reach the set capacitor discharge delay time , the delay indicator off , and put on the switch .

Function Characteristics:
7.    Voltage across zero put on , current across zero cut off , no harmonic current, do not appear over voltage.
8.    Lower power dissipation after power on , do not need add air-cooling fin.
9.    Do not produce harmonic  , do not need series connecting reactor .
10.    Put in signal isolated with switching optical , high EMC protection , good capacity of resisting disturbance.
11.    Can match with our dynamic compensation controller.
12.    Built-in power, no need add outside power .
13.    Switch operation state has two type, put on and cut off. Has indicator for phase not together and delay .
14.    Have strong compositive protection capacity, include system input voltage phase not together protection , power voltage phase
not together protection, undervoltage protection, power off protection , and so on .

Working condition:
1. Working temperature :-25℃-55℃ keeping and transfer temperature -40℃-85℃.
2. Relative Humidity :5%-95%, no condensation , atmospheric pressure:80kpa-110kpa
3. Altitude below 2000mm, earthquake intensity  :<8 degree.

Product Model  Can Control Capacitor  Time interval between cut off and put on 
ZUFK-60-380-△ (1-20)kvar three phase capacitor  At least 60s
ZUFK-80-380-△ (21-30kvar three phase capacitor    At least 60s
ZUFK-100-380-△ (31-40)kvar three phase capacitor    At least 60s
ZUFK-60-220-Y 3x(1-7)kvar splitting compensation capacitor    At least 60s
ZUFK-80-220-Y 3x(7-10)kvar splitting compensation capacitor    At least 60s
ZUFK-100-220-Y 3x(11-15)kvar splitting compensation capacitor    At least 60s

1.    For the splitting compensation switch , the capacitor capacity means three pcs single phase capacitors’ capacity together.
2.    Splitting compensation switch has two control method: one adopt the controller use common positive pole port output . the other use common negative port output . if use our reactive power compensation controller , we adopt common positive pole port output .
3.    Combination thermal current choose : usually the capacity smaller than 20kvar ,use 60A,21kvar -30kvar use 80A,31-40kvar use 100A.