Product Description

ZW32-12 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-12 outdoor HV vacuum circuit breaker is a 3-phase AC 50Hz 12kV outdoor switch equipment.
♦ Installation way: pole mounted;
♦ Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and permanent magnetic operating mechanism;
♦ Pole type: assembled pole, integrated pole,embedded pole;
♦ Application: outdoor 12kV substation, power plant.
♦ Operation type: manual, electric, remote control.

※ Product Standards
♦ IEC62271-100 High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Part 100: AC Circuit-breakers
♦ GB1984 High Voltage AC Circuit-breakers
♦ GB/T11022 Common Specifications for High-voltage Switchgear and Control gear Standards
♦ JB/T 3855 High Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit-breakers
♦ DL/T402 Specification of High-voltage AC Circuit-breakers
※ Environmental Conditions
♦ Ambient temperature: -35°C ~ +45°C;
♦ Altitude: ≤1000m;
♦ Wind speed ≤ 35m/s;
♦ Earthquake intensity: ≤8 level;
♦ Filthy level: IV;
♦ Installation places: No fire, explosion hazard or serious filthy.3
Technical Specifications

No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated
insulation level
1min powerfrequency
withstand voltage
Dry kV To earth 、phase to phase 42 Fracture 48
Wet external  insulation 34
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) To earth 、phase to phase 75 Fractu re 85
3 Rated frequency Hz 50
4 Rated current A 630
5 Rated short-circuit breaking cu rrent kA 12.5/16/20
6 Rated short-circuit closed cu rrent (peak) kA 50
7 Rated peak withstand cu rrent kA 50
8 Rated short-t ime withstand current(4s) kA 20
9 Rated operating sequence   O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
10 switch on/opening time ms 25~50/15~50
11 Rated short-circu1t breaking current breaki ng times Times 30
12 Mechanism life Times 10000
13 The control circuit and auxiliary circuit 1 min power frequency withstard  voltage v 2000
14 Rated operating voltage and auxiliary circuit rated voltage v DC220/AC220
15 Over-current
Rated current a 5
Tripping current precision % ± 1

Model Implication

Overall Dimensions