Product Description

ZW20Z-12 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW20Z-12 series of outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker(hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) for a period of 12 KV, rated voltage of the three-phase ac 50 HZ outdoor power distribution system. It uses a vacuum arcing and SF6 gas as insulating medium, is ZW20-12 type vacuum circuit breaker of the improvement of products. Cabinet adopted the introduction of Japanese Toshiba VSP5 gas seal technology, explosion-proof, insulating structure, sealing performance improvements were made into the outlet conduit also, the overall sealing performance is good, internal filling of SF6 gas not leakage, is not affected by the environment; The miniaturization of spring operating mechanism, optimization reliability and stability, the main drive chain and multilevel blurted out of moving system, operating reliability and stability than the domestic trad1tio r1al spring operating mechanism for improvement of the several times; Contacts between the main shaft and the sleeve with a loop-type bracelet adduction flared structure , the contact resistance of the main circuit, low temperature rise. So, ZW20Z-12 outdoor column on vacuum circuit breaker is a maintenance-free product. Is that the column on circuit breaker in the best.

ZW20Z-12, ZW20-12 also increased the over-current protection, institutional spring energy storage instructions, and equipped with air outlet for secondary electrical connection, easy to be combined with intelligent controller Excellent electrical and mechanical performance, make ZW20Z-12 outdoor column on vacuum breaker is widely mainly used for opening and closing to 10 KV power system, load current and short circuit current, suitable for transformer substation and industrial and mining enterprises for protection and control in power distribution system, is more suitable for frequent operation with power9rid.This Product with the controller, it has excellent function of the reclosing, can meet the requirements of distribution automation system.   


No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630,1250
4 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 12.5 、16 、20 、25
5 Rated peak withstand current(peak) kA 3 1 . 5 、40 、5 0 、63
6 Rated short-time withstand cu rre nt kA 12.5 、16 、2 0 、25
7 Rated short circuit making current (peak value) kA 3 1 . 5 、40 、5 0 、63
8 Mechanical life Times 10000
9 Breaking times of rated current Times 10000
10 Break1ng times of rated s hort-c1rcuit break i ng current Times 30
11 1 min PF withstand voltage: interphase , to earth /fracture kV 42
12 Lightening impulse withstand voltage(peak): interphase ,relative/broken circuit kV 75
13 Secondary loop 1min powerfrequency tolerance kV 2

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